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Bobby Kneece

Rex Kneece

Criminal Defense

The Kneece Law Firm, P.A. is committed to conscientious client service for anyone facing criminal charges.  We serve local residents and businesses, college students, visitors from other states, and juveniles involved in the juvenile justice system.  We handle felonies and misdemeanors, state and federal cases, violent crimes and white collar crimes, traffic violations and all the related problems prosecution of these offenses present.

For more information, contact: Robert E. Kneece, Jr. (Bobby)

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Federal Court

Drug Offenses

White Collar Crimes

Computer Crimes

Internet Crimes/Child Pornography

Probation / Parole Violations


State Court – General Sessions, Magistrates and Family Court (Juveniles)

General Sessions Court

Violent Crimes

Sex Offenses

Drug Offenses

Theft Crimes

Internet Crime

Aggravated Assault & Battery

Domestic Violence

Animal Cruelty


Pre-Trial Intervention

Alcohol Education Program

Probation / Parole Violations


Magistrate/Municipal Court

Misdemeanor offenses

Traffic Tickets


Juvenile Court

Truancy Matters

Criminal Charges